Special Meeting Information – 28 May 2023 at 4:30pm

Appointment of new treasurer:

We are excited to be holding a special meeting to appoint a new treasurer to our committee! However, we want to remind our members that we need a minimum number of attendees to make this happen. To officially vote and have the new treasurer signed in, we need at least 20 members present at the meeting. So mark your calendars and don’t forget to come along to make your vote count!

Introducing a Dog Policy at the Beachlands Booating Club:

We love dogs, but we also want to ensure the safety and comfort of all our members and guests. Therefore, we are putting a dog policy forward for voting on the following rules for dogs at the Beachlands Boating Club:

  • Dogs are allowed on the premises, but they must be well-behaved. Aggressive or disruptive dogs will be asked to leave immediately.
  • Dogs are not allowed inside the venue. They can be on the outside deck area only.
  • Dogs are not allowed near the kitchen or bar area. This is for the safety of both the dogs and the patrons.
  • In consideration of hygiene purposes, dogs are strictly prohibited from entering the venue and are especially not allowed near the kitchen or bar area.
  • If someone feels unsafe, the dog must be put on a leash and can be tied up in an appropriate area.
  • Members are expected to use their own discretion when bringing their dogs to the Boating Club. If the dog is not well-behaved, it should not be brought to the venue.
  • Members are responsible for any damage caused by their dogs.

Please note that while we encourage members to bring their dogs, it is important to be respectful of other members and guests. Additionally, we will comply with any applicable laws and regulations regarding dogs at the venue.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our Boating Club safe and enjoyable for everyone!

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