Council Consultation event: ‘Shoreline Adaptation Plans’ this Saturday (22 Jan, 8-12pm)

This weekend the Council have asked to set up on our front lawn for a consultation exercise with the local community regarding future plans for the Coast.

If you are interested in whats planned, or have some input you would like to share we encourage you stop in for a chat. We would encourage people to advocate a proper sea wall in front of the Club to replace what is a hazardous and largely ineffective pile of rocks currently!

You can follow this link for more info:

The below is the communication we received:

“We’re currently running a project called Shoreline Adaptation Plans, which looks at how we can adapt public land and assets on the coast to the impacts of coastal hazards (erosion, inundation, and rainfall flooding) and climate change over the next 100 years. As part of our project (which is currently focused on the south-eastern coastline of Auckland), we need input from the local community about how they use and value the coastal areas, and we’ve scheduled a variety of community engagement events, including one at Sunkist Bay. Our engagement at Sunkist is going to be this Saturday (22 Jan, 8-12pm)”

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